• Blood cholesterol is needed for your body to function
  • Dietary cholesterol, for most people, has no significant impact on your cholesterol numbers
  • HDL = good
  • LDL and triglycerides = bad
  • Diet low in saturated fat, high in fiber and omega-3 = beneficial
  • Exercise and Weight lossĀ [If you’re overfat or overweight] = good


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treats and cheats


This is a common question on the forums:

“I just binged on a box of X, should I do Y amounts of cardio or fast for Z hours?”

And my answer is always “No.”

Exercise is not punishment. Use exercise to gain health and not as penance for your sins at the dining table. Do not beat yourself over it. What’s done is done. Learn from this experience and take a pro-active approach. Continue reading “treats and cheats”


In most cultures, it is customary for new mothers to follow a set of confinement practices during the month after child birth. The main purpose of these practices is to ensure that both the mother and child recover fully from the trial of pregnancy, labour and childbirth. This confinement period is usually characterized by loads of rest, good food and “home quarantine”. Continue reading “afterbirth”