let’s get it on

I enjoy running aimlessly. Lacing up my shoes and just setting off in a general direction armed only with a playlist of my favorite podcasts.

Not worrying about time or pace, just running till I feel like stopping. Getting too hung up on progress tends to dampen my enthusiasm. These runs provide me with a brief respite to reacquaint myself with why I started running in the first place: how free it makes me feel.

Reveling in the warm embrace of the sun or splashing through puddles during monsoon season. This to me defines the joy of running, the simple act of moving through space in sync with nature’s rhythm. A true intuitive celebration of movement.

Most people seem to have ingrained in themselves that exercise has to be tough for it to count. They look at it as a sweaty form of penance for their sins at the dining table; and that I feel is the wrong way to go about it.

Run because you like to run, lift weights because you enjoy the feeling of being strong, skip about for the heck of it. But never ever look to exercise as just a means to burn calories.

Exercise and fitness should enhance your life, not take away from it. Unless you’re getting paid to do it, why put yourself through unnecessary misery?

There is no compulsory exercise that you have to do. Choose a exercise or sport you enjoy and do it. And when your interests wanes, pick another. You can always come back when you get excited about it again.


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