Haven’t been writing lately. Can’t think of anything to write about. Or at least have enough material for a proper post. This is a brain dump.



Is this something inherent in you, something that grows organically within you and you slowly realize? Or is it bestowed upon you by others?


What is the difference between self-esteem and self-worth? From looking at the definitions, it seems that esteem is determined by your actions and how you and others perceive them. It’s feelings and perceptions, ego and humility.

Whereas self-worth refers to how valuable you are. But the question is to whom? How do you quantify a person’s value? Is this value based on the appraisal of others or your own?


Is being average a bad thing? We are always told to strive to be better than average, that a mediocre life is not worth the effort.

Some might say that in our efforts to escape the shackles of a “normal” life, we become too fixated on the goal and forget to enjoy the process. What’s the point of being successful if there’s no one to share it with. Why try so hard to be successful when we’re all going to die anyway. Why not settle for being average and take things easy? Is this just justification for not wanting to leave our comfort zone or sage advice?

Who decides what is average anyway? Statisticians? Average of what? Your entire country? Group of friends? Would you want to know if you are above or below average? What would you do with that knowledge?

To me, it’s not about wanting to be average, or trying to be something more than a punctuation in the annals of history. Rather, it is that I want to leave this world knowing that at least I tried. That I have done myself right, and have not short-changed myself. Ultimately, only you will know how meaningful your life was, only you will know the true effort it took to forge it. I don’t think anyone is living an average life. Every one of us is experiencing our own unique reality.






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