Why is it that we have this tendency to point out other people’s failings instead of their strengths. How often have you been told that so-so is better at a certain activity/task than you? And how many times have someone commended you on a job well done? Do you notice yourself pointing out the flaws of your colleagues more often than giving recognition to their efforts?

Just look at social media. People rant and complain all the time about bad service or defective products. But how often do they post on their social media outlets about a good experience?

It seems that we expect people to meet a certain standard, to fit our narrative. We expect things to run smoothly. And when things do not, we expect them to be apologetic about it. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t send back undercooked food or return defective products, rather what I’m trying to convey is that we should be more appreciative of the people around us. Be more generous with your compliments, but of course not to  the point of being patronizing or artificial.

I’ll readily admit that I’m guilty of fixating on other people’s flaws and often do not show the necessary appreciation and gratitude for those around me. By introspection, I came to realise that I tend to take for granted the actions of those close me. Especially family members. My mental state and weird obsessions must be trying on everyone around me and I’m often difficult to deal with. Yet I still tend to persist on my inconsiderate behavior, insistent on doing things my way. I do owe them an apology but would that even suffice?


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