Today’s dailyprompt is guest.

I’ve decided to sorta have other bloggers “guest post” on my blog. Here are a couple of responses which I’ve found interesting.

Respecting the Idea of Respect

Respect is not attire, it is genuine feeling shown towards an entity or a living thing. It is irksome to not respect at all and profane to respect simply because you are expected do so. It taints the very idea of something that is believed sacred, precious and beautiful. It is not something that you demand, but something that is developed for every other being. It is correctly said that respect is not a mere freebie which is given to everyone. But the very nature of one’s existence shouldn’t be forgotten. Respect is not for the sake of respecting but for the genuine. It is an idea of sacred and beautiful personalities. And sacred we all are!

I totally agree that respect should be earned and not be so easily doled out.


We tend to be fiercely territorial – and controlling. We want the social status of having many friends, a full dining calendar, of being popular and courted by those deemed to matter in our particular corner of this vast planet.

Yet we are often ambivalent at best, downright hostile (in a passive-aggressive way) at worst when society’s push actually comes to specific occasion shove. The number of times I have heard friends (and, in years gone by, my parents) agonising over the guest list, lamenting some choices, admitting, to me, that they don’t actively like Guest A (and only invited him or her to repay the ever-full bank of social debt) and, all in all, they’d rather be indulging in mutual leg-waxing in the kitchen than gushing and heeing and hawing all in the name of some spurious God of Social Success.

We humans are social animals after all, but at the same time we value our privacy and “me” time. I personally find socialising very tiring, and I need long periods to recharge from them. I’m basically a shut-in to be honest.

Guest – Daily Prompt

I want, and I will, become a new and improved version of myself once I move, mostly because I think it’ll help me adapt.

What the mind conceive, will manifest.  Anxiety is something I grapple with on a daily basis and it can make even the simplest task seem extraordinarily daunting. I wish this blogger all the best on her goals!

Help Me Please!

Most hosts tell you to make yourself at home….well first I need you to show me how your home works.

A humorous and relatable account on what it is like to be a guest in someone else’s home.


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