For a healthy adult with no allergies, there is no such thing as a forbidden food.

By forbidding a certain item or giving it alabel (eg. clean vs dirty), you are giving it power over you. You are putting an inanimate object on a pedestal. In fact, by forbidding certain foods from your diet, you might actual increase your desire from it.

Tonic craving reflects a general feeling that is experienced either over time or in a particular moment, in the absence of environmental stimuli. It is often related to abstinence from a particular food (e.g., consistently craving chocolate when on a diet; [14]), and is typically measured with multi-item self-report scales/questionnaires, including the Food Craving Inventory (e.g., ā€œI frequently desire fried chickenā€ [12]). Such measures of tonic craving are typically higher in restrained eaters and increase after deprivation [15]. Nevertheless, tonic craving is not the same as hunger, and can be experienced in the absence of caloric need

So what should you do? Practise common sense and moderation.

If you know you can’t help but finish a bag of chips, buy the snack packs and not the family-sized ones. Don’t shop when hungry and do not hoard your treats! Only buy them when you feel like eating one.




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