Law & Order: Ankh Morpork

The cheesy stench of rotting meat wafted through the opening as Captain Carrot gingerly nudged the door with his shoulder. Just another day in the Shades, he thought to himself, silently thankful that Angua was not part of this detail. Nobbs and Colon were supposed to work this case with him, but they must be following up leads at the Mended Drum again.

In less than a decade after the Patrician’s sudden demise, the city has fallen into disarray. Without Lord Vetinari at the helm, the city council has devolved into a messy brawl. The guilds were engaged in a vicious fight for power and the running of the city and the welfare of its inhabitants were low on their agenda. Overall crime has steadily increased with criminals getting bolder and new “guilds” springing up across the city. Getting call outs to investigate strange smells in the shades was now a routine part of the job.

Slowly the heavy door begin to give and light from the corridor flooded the room as the fetid stink of putrefaction engulfed him. What greeted Carrot was a macabre picture – shakily drawn with crayons by a madman. In the centre of the room was the bloodied corpse of Dibbler, face down in what might have been a bowl of his famous stew. Crudely made posters of Morkémon, the latest line of toys to take Ankh Morpork by storm, adorned the walls. Foul decomposing carcasses were strewn carelessly around the floor. Each of them a strange mish-mash of animal parts clumsily sewn together. Blood-caked abominations with matted fur and far too many appendages. Their swollen bodies bloated from decay straining the stitches. It appears that the ever enterprising Dibbler was trying to cash in on the Morkémon craze with his own counterfeit versions made from “recycled” waifs and strays of the city.

As Carrot surveyed the grisly scene, something caught his eye in the corner of the room that made him retch instantaneously. Propped against the wall was one of the creatures, flesh yet touched by decay and garbed in the unmistakable mud brown watchman uniform. He now knew what had become of Nobbs and Colon. Partners in life and now partners in death.

Inspired by: The Things He Made – /u/Punchmeat



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