going off the diet


I usually fit in the stuff I like to eat into my diet and into my macros, providing I hit my micros/calories for the day.

Today is my sisters grad and we’re going out to eat, and I want to enjoy it with her, but I realized since I’m going to enjoy myself, I’d prob be like 1500 Cals over my caloric goal.

Will I gain fat? do I eat in a 1500cal deficit tomorrow to balance? or do I eat my normal cals tomorrow?

thanks! i’m kind of worried heh,

Enjoy the occasion and the company. It’s a celebration with your family, do not be fixated on the food or calories you are consuming. Eat your normal calories tomorrow. Do not try to offset the “cheat” with compensatory behaviors.

Your weight and body fat levels are not like a step function. A single event will not elicit an immediate major change. Stop looking at things on such a micro level. Take in the big picture. Your one cheat DAY is just like Sun in the photo below, it will just be a mere smudge in the footnotes of your life.



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