The final voyage of the Red Dwarf

The Final Voyage of the Red Dwarf: A Factual Account

The Red Dwarf was a mining vessel owned by the Jupiter Mining Company (JMC). It is roughly 6miles long, 4 miles  tall, and 3 miles  wide. Ex-crew members affectionately refer to it as the “gigantic rusty trashcan”. It reportedly had a crew of 169 to 1169, the details are unclear. Most of the ship is used to store cargo, rations and water supply. Food is dispensed using vending machines which either accept coins or personal credit accrued from work on the ship. The Red Dwarf was mainly used to mine and ferry ores between the outer colonies of Earth‘s Solar System.

The Red Dwarf’s last voyage was in the late 22nd Century. The exact date is unknown as most of the ship’s movement information was lost after JMC folded. The last official communique from the ship’s captain, Frank Hollister, mentioned a Cadmium-II leak from either the ship’s propellant system or the coolant system. Second Technician Arnold Rimmer  was tasked to locate the source and rectify the leak. However, it seemed that he was unsuccessful as all contact was soon lost with the ship.

The ship’s current location is unknown. Although ships plying the perimeter of the milky way have reported receiving frenzied messages from a man claiming to be the sole survivor of the JMC Red Dwarf. The communiques from the man often talked about holograms, cat colonies and parallel universes. Efforts to locate the man and the ship have been unsuccessful. Most historians believe it to be a hoax or interference from an intergalactic pirate radio station.


Red Dwarf (Ship)

Wikipedia – Red Dwarf



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