Suggested Departure Time

Came across this question on Reddit today:

Can someone please help me figure this out?

I need to be in London (GMT) on 10 September exactly because that is my moving in day.

I’m currently in Melbourne (GMT + 10).

What day/time should I book my flight for so that I can get there, preferably daytime in London on the 10th?

Flight time is about 25 hours with transit. I don’t know whether I’ll gain a day – international date line?

I’m so confused.

So I made this: Suggested Departure Date and Time Calculator (SUDAC)

Using the question as an example:


Please let me know if I made any mistakes!



2 thoughts on “Suggested Departure Time

  1. That does sounds like a complicated math problem! I would also suggest booking it so you are scheduled to land a day in advance if you can just in case there is an issue with your flights or connection.


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