Hungry but lacking.

In need of meal ideas?

I’ve compiled a list of useful sites that will hopefully help with that.

Recipe generators

Generators recipes based on what you have in your kitchen


Scours the internet in search of recipes with the ingredients you have


Search for recipes and allows you to organize your recipes, meal plans and grocery lists
Guide to SayMMM


Simple basic recipe generator. Enter what you have in your fridge and click search.

Meal plan generator


Very hit or miss.

High protein recipes

Includes cooking/baking with whey and other types of protein powder


One of the original high protein cooking site. New layout is a mess though.
Protein powder substitutions Chart


Easy to navigate layout and relatively easy recipes. Come complete with instructional videos.


Easy, low-level recipes. Very basic and no frills.

Food related websites

For recipe ideas and general culinary knowledge


Dedicated to healthy meals and everything related; recipes, troubleshooting and discussion
Fitmeals cook book
Comes complete with macro breakdown


Excellent resource for recipes and general cooking knowledge.

High recommend reading these articles if you love burgers or meat in general

The Sporkful

Each week Dan and his guests explore the huge, fun world of food and eating that’s beyond the realm of recipes, chefs, and restaurants. The episode with Magret Cho is one of my favorites.


Fantastic podcast exploring the science and history of food


For meal prepping ideas and discussion

Recipe sites with macros

The Macro Experiment

Mostly protein-heavy recipes.

Ripped Recipes

Database of recipes where you can search by calories and filter by macros

Cookbooks for those on a budget

The Reddit College Cookbook Helps You Stop Eating Like a College Student


Actual Poor Student cookbook


Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown


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